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the day so far... i awoke about 11 or so, and eva was talking to a… - sanable... for now, at least [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 28th, 2006|04:20 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |the moody blues]

the day so far... i awoke about 11 or so, and eva was talking to a plumber about a leak in the kitchen ceiling, so there was no water as he was working on that, which meant i couldnt shower, or so i thought...
eva tells me she called the neighbors and they were gonna let me use their shower, and it happened to be the neighbors ive been wanting to meet, FINALLY! two young ladies greeted me as i went over there, i forget one of their names though... but one was Sheena, both very neat (cute) and the house is reallyreally neat too
so now i know them....

so i was hangin around in my room after that, and decided i should go somewhere, i chose the thrift store and went, there i found a couple hinudism books to buy and some records, two who albums, moody blues, grand funk railroad, rush, and carlos santana... i thought that was pretty neat, but then i saw a girl...

she walked by and i looked at her and she smiled... which put a smile on my face
so as i was checking out she headed out of the store and then stopped, and kept looking my way and smiling, and i couldnt pay attention to the cashier, i thought she was gonna wait for me, and then she left
she walked to the right, my car was to the left... i sat in my car wondering for awhile, and decided id just go as i always do in situations such as these, i always pass on oppurtunities, why? i dont... i guess in this case im just not used to any kind of attention at all, so i turned out onto the road and started going and i saw her sitting at the bus stop... i then decided i HAD to talk to her, so i tried to turn around, got lost, 10 minutes later made it there and she was gone....

she works there at the store though, so on my next day off im gonna go there again and hopefully see her and talk

we'll see

i must say though, this was the first time i felt so strongly that i had to talk to this person... its just too bad im such an idiot and didnt go her way to begin with...

im sad, but hopeful


now i need to find something to do this evening, i just dont know what...
im gonna have some mac n cheese and then hopefully formulate a plan... probably not though


::edit: the mac n cheese was no good, been in the freezer too long i suppose, now what? guess i just have to eat ice cream